Elizabeth Warren for Senate

Elizabeth Warren's opponent has a campaign slogan of "He's for Us," but when you look at the issues, it is clear that "She's for All of Us!" From her position on jobs, taxes, education, health care, anti-poverty measures, and Wall Street regulation, we are convinced that she will be the best person to hold Ted Kennedy's old seat and we strongly endorse Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate. She is backed by the vast majority of the state's labor unions and would truly fight for the middle and working classes in D.C. In fact, only Warren has a Dorchester office and from the looks of yard signs across the neighborhood, she has a majority of the neighborhood's support. Whoever you support, make sure to get out and vote on November 6th!


#12 More Quality and Affordable Housing

Dorchester may already have some of the most affordable housing in the city. Despite this, there are still large variations in the quality and price of the housing available in the neighborhood. Over the past decade, various projects have helped to improve this, such as The Carruth, a Transit-Oriented Development at Ashmont Station, or the A B & W Building in Codman Square. Yet, if Dorchester is to continue to attract new residents to the neighborhood, while supporting those who have long lived here, there needs to be more quality and affordable housing available.

Housing can be improved through a mix of private and public investment. Private developers should increase the number of quality rental apartments and renovate preexisting condominiums and single family homes to attract new residents to the area (especially in areas with access to bus, subway, or commuter rail). The city should renovate current Boston Housing Authority complexes in Dorchester (similar to the renovations of developments in South Boston or Roslindale). This would truly help elevate the neighborhood and make our already strong community stronger.

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(Top photo courtesy of St. Mark's Area Main Street and bottom photo courtesy of Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation.)


Spotlight on Activism (Update): Occupy UMass Boston

There is yet another Occupy Movement in Dorchester. Students at UMass Boston have begun protesting cuts in public education spending and hikes in tuition. Here is the Boston Globe story: Students Set Up Camp and Occupy UMass Boston

UPDATE: Two Weeks Later, UMass Boston Still 'Occupied'

(Top Photo courtesy of Patrick D. Rosso)


Spotlight on Activism: Occupy the Hood - Boston

It has been a while since we highlighted activism in Dorchester, so here is a new post... When Occupy Wall Street was taking over NYC and Occupy Boston was claiming Dewey Square for the people, a group of Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan residents were occupying the 'hood of Boston (pictured above is a demonstration on October 21 in front of a police station in Roxbury). Illuminating the inequity that this current economy has created and emphasizing the impact of the mortgage meltdown on the working class and poor, as well as communities of color, Occupy the Hood (which is part of a greater movement across 'hoods nationwide) brought this recent movement for social justice from downtown to Dorchester. We only hope they can keep the momentum going through 2012, as we need more public protest that represent the people of Dorchester.

Occupy the Hood - Boston
Occupy the Hood - Boston @ Facebook

(Top photo courtesy of Jacob Leidolf/Occupy the Hood Boston)