#3 A World Class Zoo

We have a world class Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Aquarium, not to mention some of the best universities in the country. The Franklin Park Zoo (Boston's zoo - located in Dorchester) is a family-favorite for locals, and the zoo does a good job of reaching out to Boston students, providing free entry for field trips and programs for teen youths. However, there leaves much room for improvement. The Franklin Park Zoo should be world-class, as are the zoos of other major cities (think: Bronx Zoo, San Francisco Zoo, San Diego Zoo). Zoo New England (the parent organization of both the Franklin Park and Stone Zoo of Stoneham) should let go of the Stoneham Zoo and let it be privately run and focus its resources on the larger, urban zoo. This will increase the vision and funding for the Franklin Park Zoo making it a primary attraction of the entire New England Region. With increased attendance they could provide a free shuttle from Forest Hills (or if the MBTA ever brings the needed rapid transit to Blue Hill Ave. it would include a stop), making it easier to get there by public transportation, provide even more programs for kids, and expand their abilities to care for a wide range of animals.

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kendra! said...

Here Here! I've actually never been to FPZ because I hear it is a sad place where the animals are tightly caged. I grew up in Cleveland where many of the animals are in large spaces that resemble their natural habits.