#6 More Bakeries

Make more baked goods and pastries for Dorchester! We need more places to stop and get a variety of freshly made breads and desserts. A place where sugar, flour and eggs come together as tasty cakes, berry pies, and macaroon cookies that can be enjoyed on the premises with a cup of tea (outdoor seating, of course!) or taken to go when having dinner with friends. It's time to add some sweetness to Dot.

Do you think this is a good idea? Rate below.

(Pictures of Tartine Bakery and Miette Patisserie of San Francisco)


Boston Chef said...

Greenhills Bakery in Adams Village is a great place for pastries, bread, and other Irish treats!

Anonymous said...

i live in savin hill. a bakery would be perfect in that vacant lot next to donovan's. (and a noodle shop!) why doesn't some clever business person develop that property? it's right across from the T station, high traffic, people wanting to spend $...