Follow Up: Dorchester More Bike Friendly

Things continue to look better for bikers (although certainly talk is one thing and action another), but the Dorchester Reporter is making it sound like Dorchester Ave. getting bike lanes is closer than ever and there is even more talk of rental bikes coming to town. There is also a pending lawsuit mentioned in the article and if it prevails, biking from Edward Everett Square to downtown safely will be possible via a bike lane on Mass. Ave. in northern Dorchester. As far as the rest of the neighborhood, it seems things are looking less hopeful (especially for Talbot Ave. or Blue Hill Ave., which are equally in need of bike lanes). Consider writing the city about increasing bike lanes throughout the neighborhood.

Reporter Article: Mayor's bike plan draws support, and criticism

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Anonymous said...

Looking at the photo that you have provided it would seem that all it takes is a lot of green paint and a stencil. Can't we get Dot Bikes behind a movement of this type??