#8 More Art in Dot

All great neighborhoods support their artists and have their share of great public art! Of course we have the Gas Tank on the Expressway, the many street murals along Dorchester and Blue Hill Ave., the Edward Everett Square Clapp Pear, and the soon-to-be Peabody Square Moon. With organizations like Dot Art and Dorchester Arts Collaborative and the many artist studios throughout the neighborhood, Dot has its share of art, but could use more! Here are some suggestions for increasing the art in Dot:

1. More public sculptures. There should be sculptures at all of the various squares throughout Dorchester (especially along the main thoroughfares of Dot Ave., Blue Hill Ave., Columbia Road, and Adams Street). It would allow the public to engage with art on a regular basis and would draw attention to the squares. Downtown Boston is filled with statues of the Brahmins of yore, let's make Dorchester known for modernist sculptures. It would be like an outdoor museum!

2. Expand the Mayor's Paint Box program to paint most of the utility boxes in Dorchester and put more murals on the sides of our buildings. This makes the neighborhood seem artsy, while deterring graffiti.

3. Increase opportunities for the non-visual arts. Let's have more events with musical acts and theater, as well as performance art. From the newly renovated Strand Theater to more performances in our parks, let's do more to help these artists as well.

4. Have more local art on display in our Dot Businesses. This is already the case at places like the Ashmont Grill, Dot-2-Dot Cafe, and the Flatblack Coffee Company. This helps support the artists and adds a nice local flare to area businesses.

5. Continue supporting our local artists! Attend the annual Dorchester Open Studios and Arts in the Park at Dorchester Park. Donate to Dot Art and the DAC, and buy works from our many Dorchester-resident artists (see the links on this page).

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Whalehead King said...

As for 3: Don't forget the writers. Some art can be taken home and savored alone. Poets and novelists have their place in Dorchester too, but likewise not enough opportunity to share thier insights.