Highlight on Activism: Dorchester People for Peace

The Dorchester Think Tank is starting a new segment to highlight those who are activists in our community. Dorchester is one of the most politically active neighborhoods in the city and we want to illuminate the contributions of our fellow residents who are on the ground making our community and world better. Our first featured group is Dorchester People for Peace.

For years Dorchester People for Peace has been organizing opposition to the war in Iraq and US militarism in general. Their mission states they are building, "a multi-racial peace movement throughout the neighborhoods of Dorchester that can work against the war at home, including violence, budget cuts, racism and political repression." Recently, Dorchester People for Peace held a protest against President Obama's expansion of the war in Afghanistan, sadly only a few media outlets covered it (NECN for example), but never-the-less their activism needs to be commended. Every year we have seen this group tirelessly marching in anti-war protests on Boston Common and in the Dorchester Day Parade. As the radical historian Howard Zinn has said, "the day must come when there will be justice for women, for people of color, for the poor of the world, when the stupidity of war will be recognized, and military machines dismantled, and the world made safe for children." In a sentence this is the essence of the Dorchester People for Peace.

To find out more about Dorchester People for Peace or attend their meetings, check out their website: www.dotpeace.org

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