Mac D'Alessandro for Congress

Since this blog is meant to highlight the activism that occurs in Dorchester and the hopes we have for future action, we believe that our success for community improvement is completely linked to the actions of those in politics. As a result, we have decided to make our first endorsement of a person running for political office.

This Tuesday (September 14th) will be the Massachusetts Democratic primary and we are urging support for Mac D'Alessandro as the future representative for the 9th Congressional District (which covers most of the eastern part of Dorchester). We think Mac offers a new perspective and the progressive values that will help Dorchester (and the other neighborhoods of Boston) continue to make progress. He is the candidate who is most likely to support the grassroots work that has been started by so many of our community members. However, we ask you to consider doing your own research on his positions. This can be found at his website www.mac4congress2010.com.

Whomever you choose, we strongly encourage you to vote this Tuesday, because having your voice heard is the most important way we can support Dorchester. If you need to find out your polling place, the Secretary of the Commonwealth has a website: wheredoivotema.com. And thank you for participating in our democracy!

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Chris and Erin said...

This was sent to us by Sanjib:

"I wish the bus number 39 would make its final stop an Ashmont station instead of Forest hills station, that way their will be a connection to Copley station."