Spotlight on Activism: Dorchesterites Heading to D.C. Over Education

Dorchester is home to many public school teachers, parents, students, and political activists and many of these folks will be heading to the nation's capital on July 30th to express their concern with the direction of public education in the United States. The Save Our Schools March hopes to give voice to the many parents and students upset by recent school closings here in Dorchester and other neighborhoods. The march will give a platform to those concerned by an agenda that is privatizing education, through charter schools and pressure from corporate America. The march is further motivated by the damaging educational policies embedded in No Child Left Behind and more recently Race to the Top that focuses heavily on standardized testing. The rally and march will include a diverse array of parents, students, teachers, and educational thinkers (including Jonathon Kozol, Diane Ravitch, Pedro Noguera, Cornell West) who will speak and we encourage you to attend.

Where: Washington, D.C. - The Ellipse near the White House
When: Rally July 30, 2011 at noon and march to the White House at 1:30 pm
Website: www.saveourschoolsmarch.org

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