#13 Expand Free and Consistent Wifi to Dorchester

Many cities nationwide, including Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston, have established free wifi for residents and visitors. In Boston, many parts of downtown, Dudley Square, and Grove Hall have free or low cost wifi. Even in these areas, the wifi can be spotty. Yet, there continues a clear and persistent digital divide between the rich and the poor in Boston. Mayor Menino's first step was commendable, but Boston must continue its expansion. There are many young and old residents that have limited access to the Internet. For many, using the Internet is restricted to the operating hours of local libraries or coffee shops. The city should start with its most populous neighborhood, Dorchester, and provide free wifi campaign through the entire neighborhood. It can be funded through partnerships with tech company sponsors, and, if that cannot provide the full funding, by having moderate and high income users pay a fee to help subsidize low income residents. This could encourage local business to consider relocating to the neighborhood and attract people to spend more time (studying or working) here.

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