#1 More Outdoor Seating in Dorchester

There is something that all great cities have: Paris, San Francisco, New York, Montreal ... they have a plethora of outdoor dining options. We need more of it in Dorchester. Dining al fresco is most exciting accompanied by good people watching, and we think Dorchester provides some great people to watch. A soundtrack of bird songs, friendly chatter and the commotion of the city is both relaxing and invigorating and encourages community interaction with the unexpected friend walking by. Outdoor seating wears down the barrier between the community and the establishment, creating an inviting atmosphere for all. It is a 'celebration of the season' when the weather is welcoming, and Bostonians can't get enough when the sun is out.

We commend the outdoor dining of: The Ashmont Grill, The Blarney Stone, and dbar. We recommend outdoor dining for: Any other current and future establishments.

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(Pictures from outdoor cafes in Paris 2007)

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Connor said...

Regarding trash cans:

I used to walk to the Savin Hill T stop daily, and several houses had trash barrels positioned in the corners of their fenced-in yards to fend off just such random littering.

If the city won't do it, then let's start a private initiative. Pick up a free trash can? Free private trash pickup for yard cans?