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We moved to the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston just over two years ago. From the day we moved in, we fell in love with what we believe to be Boston's best and most underrated neighborhood. We have lived in many places, but never found a place that fit us so well. Dorchester is the most diverse neighborhood of the city. Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, gay, strait, young and old make their homes on our street alone. Here people help one another and you know your neighbors (something so rare in a city as large as Boston). Dorchester has a spirit of rebirth and future promise, and it is both a blank canvas and a wealth of tradition. Dorchester is urban chic, while still allowing quiet side streets. It has music, art, and culture.

Our original blog about Dorchester (Lower Dot) was created to share those things in our neighborhood that we think really shine. We wanted it to be a showcase for both those inside and outside the neighborhood putting a spotlight on makes south Dorchester great.

This is our latest venture in the world of blogging. It is our visions for the future of Dorchester. Like corporations and organizations have think tanks that advocate certain issues, we hope to create a forum to highlight the wants and hopes of our neighborhood.

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fig said...

I have to say I am thoroughly inpressed of what you have been putting out in your blogs about Dorchester. I have been living in Dorchester since 1998, and it is my home, it is where my wife and I have decided to raise our family. along with all the bad things people hear about dorchester, there are so many good things that go unheard. i basically wanted to give a shout out and say keep up the good work. i am interested in trying out dot 2 dot cafe, and the new japanese place. good looks. Fig